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Aran Crafts Ireland - Irish Sweaters and Wool Clothing

Aran Crafts Ireland - Irish Sweaters and Wool Clothing

The village of Monasterevin in the county of Kildare, Ireland is the home of Aran Crafts Ireland. The company was originally established by Molly Cullen in 1957, after creating beautiful Aran designs with her mother and grandmother for many years. Molly’s dream was to incorporate a family knitting business whose heritage stretched back for over 100 years. Molly is the granddaughter of Kate O’Shea, who, in 1856, was the first craftswoman in Ireland to commercially market her robust, hand knitted woollens. Molly Cullen recognized a market for fashionable Aran style knitwear and established West End Knitwear Ltd in her home village of Monasterevin.

Proud to keep the tradition alive, Aran Crafts Ireland was continued by Molly’s sons Paul and John Cullen who saw the opportunity to incorporate the best traditional aspects of their mother’s Aran sweaters into modern and fashionable styles. These new styles we would come to recognize as the benchmark for modern Aran cable knit sweaters.

Today it is the biggest knitwear manufacturer in Ireland, with a vibrant workforce under Molly’s grandsons Niall and Barry Cullen. As the designers and producers of the finest quality Irish Aran Knitwear, our extensive range uses the traditional Irish Aran Stitches throughout our garments which are believed to bring luck, success and health to the wearer, ensuring we keep our long-treasured history of traditional Irish craft.

Aran Crafts Ireland is conscious of its roots in the past; however, the company has its eyes firmly focused on the future. From its situation in the west end of Europe it takes pride in being the first company to manufacture garments which were originally designed for those engaged in a rugged, outdoor life. Some of these garments have been adapted for modern worldwide markets and are worn by men and women with pride and pleasure.

Both our Aran Crafts and Nua collections are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest quality materials: merino wool, pure new wool, linen/cotton, cashmere and introducing new super-soft merino wool.

We at Aran Crafts thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy our range of Irish Sweaters.

Stock Image, Aran Crafts

Stock Image, Aran Crafts

What do the different stitches of the Aran sweater mean?
Different Patterns Have a History:

Cable Stitch: Symbolizes fisherman’s ropes and represents a wish for a fruitful day at sea.
Zigzag Stitch: Represents the cliffs of the island, or the ups and downs of life.
Diamond Stitch: Signifies a small farms throughout the island and some believe it represents wealth.
Trellis Stitch: Represents the stone walls of Ireland.
Blackberry Stitch: Some believe that this has a link to religion.
Moss stitch: This is the symbol of nature all around us.
Honeycomb Stitch: This represents the hard working bee, signifying the hard work of the fisherman.

What if I need to Wash my Sweater?

If you feel that you need to wash your jumper soak it in a cold hand wash liquid/powder for 3-5 minutes. Gently squeeze excess water off, never wring, twist or rub. To dry, roll the jumper in a towel to get rid of excess water. Pull into shape and dry flat.

How do I care for my new garment?
The golden rule is wash as seldom as possible and air frequently.

We call this ‘wind-washing’, hang your garment out in the air and you will be amazed at how fresh it becomes. Never machine wash; they should be washed by hand using wool washing detergent and in cool water below 30 degrees Celsius. Always dry your jumper flat and never put in a tumble drier.

How to stop moths from destroying my sweater?

Check your garments occasionally to make sure that you don’t have a moth or moisture problem. With proper care wool can be a durable and long lasting fiber. Always care for your garment following the instructions on the care label. Perspiration and food stains attract moths. Brushing your jumper with a wool brush can loosen eggs, and simply popping your jumper into the freezer before you store it will kill them. Another tip is to store your sweater in a sealed clean plastic bag. This will prevent moths from attacking it.

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100% Merino Wool
100% Merino Wool
100% Merino Wool
100% Merino Wool
100% Merino Wool
100% Merino Wool

Made In Ireland

Color Choices
Marl Blue, Natural
Black, Tundra, Soft Grey, Natural
Natural, Marl Blue
Oatmeal, Charcoal
Wine, Grey, Army Green
Charcoal, Fleck, Natural

Aran Crafts Irish Sweaters

Aran Crafts Irish Sweaters

Irish Knitwear for Men & Women

Aran sweaters are deeply entrenched in Irish heritage, originally designed to protect the men while they were out at work. Now, they are a stylish piece of clothing reminiscent of days gone by for both Men and Women.

SLEEK AND UNIQUE: This quality Irish Wool Coat has an authentic Aran design that gives the garment a traditional and beautiful style feature.
EMBRACE THE CULTURE: The use of Traditional Irish Stitches throughout our garments ensures we keep our long-treasured history of Irish craft alive.
WEAR THE TRADITION: This stylish piece of clothing is reminiscent of days gone by, believed to bring luck, success, and health to the wearer.
BEAUTIFUL & COMFORTABLE: With great design and comfort, this stylish authentic garment will keep you warm and fashionable all year round.
LASTING QUALITY: Made from the highest quality Merino Wool, this stylish garment is the perfect way to wear a piece of Ireland wherever you go.